Project Management

We can innovate the management of your projects
Leverage Point offers a unique and innovative approach to project management by thorough organising of work around projects and the critical need to communicate and co-ordinate work across departments, institutions and professions 

What We Offer
    • Project Definition - Defining the goals, objectives and critical success factors for the project
    • Project Initiation - Everything that is needed to set-up the project before work can start
    • Project Planning - Detailed plans of how the work will be carried out including time, cost and recourse estimate
    • Project Execution - Doing the work to deliver the product, service or desired outcome
    • Project Monitoring & Control - Ensuring that a project stays on track and taking corrective action to ensure it does
    • Project Closure - Formal acceptance of the deliverables and disbanding of all the elements that were required to run the project