Corporate Social Responsibility

The great and legendary Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. At Leverage Point we strongly believe in uplifting communities through educational programs. We continuously walk this talk through our upliftment projects. Education is priority since we believe if there is any change which can be effected,such will be driven by education.

Projects We Are Involved In:

Valdezia100 is a tertiary education fund which assists students from the impoverished village of Valdezia in Limpopo, who then intend to give back to the community which they come from. The program helps in funding University tuition, accommodation costs and living allowance. Leverage Point is a sponsor and partner of this organization which has seen high performing students accessing university studies. The organization was established in 2013, seeing its first student register at the University of Limpopo Medical school in 2014. It now boasts a number of students both in medical school, commerce faculties and law faculties.


Masinyusane is an educational non-profit organisation working with children and families in the townships of South Africa. Our comprehensive educational support system ensures our kids receive all the opportunities they need to succeed in life. Opportunities to get a good education, to eat a healthy meal, to discover and develop their talents, and to have someone love and believe in them. There is no greater investment, in terms of ending poverty and uplifting communities,than these kids’ lives.Leverage Point is a proud supporter and donor of Masinyusane, mainly in the area of improving learning conditions in the township schools of South Africa.  


The Graduate School of Business' commitment is to research and developent,mainly in the area of innovation.Leverage Point has partnered with the UCT Graduate School of Business, Centre for Emerging Markets, as we strongly believe that current problems will not be solved with current available solutions.The innovation supported by the disciplined research has proven timeously to be what it is needed to solve complex matters.

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Leverage Point innovates the process of receiving and paying your municipal accounts. Have a look at what SABC has to say about our South African Municipal Assistant!

(South African Municipal Assistant), has made news again. This time it has been awarded the Tech Bust APP of the week.)

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