Corporate Social Investment Consulting

We can add value to your company
Whether you need to establish a CSI function or have a fully-fledged department, Leverage Point have the skills, expertise and tools to add value to your company. 
We are able to draw on skills from various parts of the organisation in order meet clients’ needs. Our approach also means that our services and outputs can be delivered within relatively tight timelines. 

We offer the development of corporate social investment strategies underpinned by national and regional priorities, thorough research, and an in-depth understanding of developmental realities and complexities, implementation of strategy aligned to accountable and transparent fund management processes and governance, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on grant making and knowledge-sharing amongst our stakeholders on best-practice social investments and development trends.

All of this results in the following
    • Development of a CSI Report for corporate and institution s.
    • Development of operational report for non-profit companies for their stakeholders.
    • NPC project progress evaluations and funding proposal preparations.